Intro to Ballroom 101


Designed to introduce you and your partner to the basics of social ballroom and latin dances.




Welcome to You & Me Dance Studio, our new student dance program is designed to introduce you and your partner to the basics of social ballroom and latin dances. The program includes 6 private lessons and 3 group classes. Tailored to your personal needs, each private lesson is optimized for comprehension and retention, taught at a pace perfect for you and your partner. While our hour long group classes are designed to quickly teach you new patterns and techniques behind each dance in a social group setting. To schedule your first private lesson simply email us ( or call 513-970-0020.


About You & Me Dance Studio

From humble beginnings, You & Me Dance Studios has always focused on the making the learning process fun, quick, and easy. We believe in making each lesson a moment worth remembering while helping our students enjoy the art and entertainment behind every step. The underlining message is this is a place to socialize and learn without the pressure or disingenuous of a salesperson. Our staff is 100% volunteer! Trained in the classical movements and modern latin techniques from a very young age, You & Me’s dance instructors understand the intensive nature of competitive ballroom dancing and how expensive it can be. That’s why our prices are so competitive, every lesson you take is split between facility cost and our youth program that offers tuition-free dance workshops, coaching, and dance shoes. So whether you are interested in wedding dance instruction, looking for a new hobby, fun way to connect with your partner, or want to improve your social life, You & Me Dance Studio offers the perfect environment to captivate, entertain, and enhance the spark of dance that live inside each of us.